Q: How do you manufacture a Patented product like Osimertinib?

A: According to Patent Law of the World Trade Organization (WTO) or DOHA Declaration of 2003, all LDCs have been exempted from TRIPS agreement till January 2033 to manufacture any Patented medicine and Bangladesh is one of them. Following the State-of-Art manufacturing facility, Genvio Pharma Limited has devoted itself to manufacture specialized products ensuring the best quality.

Q: Do you have the authorization of the Ministry of Health to manufacture the product?

A: Yes. The Directorate General of Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, People’s Republic of Bangladesh have permitted us to manufacture and market/export Osimertinib under the brand name of Irmukin.

Q:  How can I sure about the quality of your medicine?

A: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities designed, built and operated with strict adherence to the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) to meet and exceed international standards.

• Genvio manufacture quality medicine by adhering to QbD approaches in every step of manufacturing.

• Genvio collects the highest standard of API and Excipients and performs different tests including profiling for both known and unknown impurities.

Q: How can I place an order for the medicine?

A: At first, click on the order now bar at the top of the page. You will find a sequential ordering form there.

Q: Do I need to send prescription photocopy?

A: Yes, you do. We will be needing the photocopy or scanned copy of the prescription for the custom purpose.

Q: How can I confirm that you have received my order?

A: Once you have placed an order and we receive it, we will issue an invoice to you within one (01) working days and send it to you immediately through email. If you don’t receive the invoice within one (01) working day after placing the order, please let us know immediately by emailing to order@genvio.com.bd mentioning the quantity and address with a contact number. In the invoice, we will inform you about the payment.

Q: How will I pay you for the medicine I have ordered?

A: We can only accept the TT (Telegraphic Transfer) from Bangladesh. We will send our company’s Bank account details in the Proforma Invoice (PI) and you have to send the payment by TT to that account. Pay Pal or Credit Card systems are still not very open for the inward transaction to Bangladesh. So we cannot accept payment through these.

Q: How long does it take to receive the payment in Bangladesh?

A: It may require 2-3 working days to get the payment in our company account. Once we received your payment we will inform you through email.

Q: How long does it take to ship the medicine after receiving the payment?

A: We will ship the medicine in 1-2 working days after receiving your payment. Please note that in Bangladesh, Friday and Saturday are weekly holidays.

Q: Will I be informed about the shipment?

A:  Yes. We will send you the details about the shipment including the name of courier service and the tracking reference number.

Q: Is it possible to track the shipment online?

A: Yes, it is. In the case of DHL, you can see the shipment location through online tracking. But if the product is sent through EMS, you can only track the shipment but not the location.

Q: How may long it take to reach the medicine to me?

A: It depends on the distance and location. Usually, DHL takes 3-6 days. But EMS takes a longer time, approximately 10-12 working days to deliver the product.

Q: How much will it charge for the shipment?

A:  The charge for shipment may vary from country to country and it also depends on the quantity of medicines you have ordered. We will mention the shipment charge in the Proforma Invoice (PI) which is exactly the amount DHL or EMS will charge us.

Q: What documents will you provide with the medicines?

A: We will provide you the invoice and Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Q: Can you deliver the medicines anywhere in the world?

A: Yes. Through DHL and Express Mail Service (EMS), we can deliver medicines anywhere in the world.